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The Re Emergence of the Girl Boss (5) (1).png
This year Evangelist Leandra Green is creating a space that is meant to empower and encourage women from across the globe to understand that your gift is about to make room for you. This conference is a simple reminder that your comeback will be greater than what you could’ve ever imagined. Get ready for a three-day encounter filled with impartations and activations.
Get ready to fellowship, laugh, and be inspired by a panel discussion on business, finance, and mental health. Your life will be altered by transformational messages from some of the most anointed speakers and worship encounters. Ladies, get ready to attend an “All Pink Boss Brunch” and fellowship with other CEO's, entrepreneurs, and influential leaders that are already impacting the globe. GET READY TO BOSS UP!!



Thank you for your interest in becoming a 2023 vendor. We have limited  availability for vendors this year, so we are very selective in our choosing. 

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